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Terms and conditions

Even though all entries are on a trust basis, all competitors will be asked to provide a licence on the day. They will be checked just to make sure you have entered the correct categories, so heights and weights will be checked and confirmed.

If you have entered the novice sections, you will need to produce a valid licence to show you are a novice. If you have entered a category to be incorrect then you shall be moved accordingly without the option of a refund. By now you should all know how tall or heavy you are and how long you have been training for.


*Please Note World Champions Are Not Permitted To Enter Under The Novice Sections*


Entry Fees.

  • Should you pre-register and fail to participate then the entry fee shall not be refunded unless for a valid medical/health issue.

  • If you get disqualified from the event/category for whatever reason. (Example trying to cheat the system) then a refund will not issued.

  • If you are the only competitor in the category then we shall either move you to a different category (with consultation) and if a suitable solution cannot be made then a refund will be issued.

  • In the unlikely event the tournament does not take place, then all entry fees shall be refunded.

  • Tag Teams are entered and paid for on the day.  


Tri-Series Rules

1st place – 10pts

2nd place – 9pts

3rd place – 8pts

4th place – 7pts


  • If you gain a top 4 finish in a category, then you remain in the category throughout the year regardless if you grow in height. With the ring, there is already a 0.5kg allowance but if you gain points, then your allowance is 1kg for the remainder of the year. This is to allow for natural growth of kids. All 16+ competitors in the ring do not have a 1kg allowance though as by now you can control your weight.

  • All mat sport are 1 round elimination of 1m30sec for kids, 2mins for adults with a 30second overtime period in the event a draw.  

  • After the overtime period, should it still be a draw, points shall go to 1st to score and mat continuous shall go to a referee’s decision.

  • Ring Continuous shall be 2x 1min elimination rounds with a 1minute rest period between rounds.

  • Ring Continuous shall have an extra round of 30seconds should it be a draw after 2 rounds. With judges or refs decision should it be a draw after the overtime period.

  • All continuous bouts are fought in 10oz gloves.

  • All other rules follow the ICO rules and shall be discussed in the refs/coaches meeting before we commence.

  • Lordswood Combat Tri Series is an ICO (International Combat Organisation) sanctioned event.

  • The Organisers of the event do not accept any liability should item or belongings become damaged or stolen. Attendant’s leave there belongs at their own risk.

  • The Organisers again are not responsible for parking or damage to vehicle’s while parked at the venue. Owners park and leave there vehicles at their own risk.



Enjoy The Event & Good Luck